The following Architectural Guidelines shall apply to all individual single-family lot buildings within the limits of the South Island Plantation. The emphasis shall be on the superior aesthetics of the exterior architectural design, and a compatible landscape design, preserving the natural character of the site. Superior quality construction using natural materials such as wood, stucco, brick, and cement board is expected.

The developers of South Island Plantation believe that it is appropriate for the residences planned and here to reflect the heritage that recalls the grace, simplicity, and elegance of the 18th, 19th, and 20th-century architecture of the Lowcountry, as exhibited along the rivers and marshes from Charleston to Georgetown. Such building styles as Plantation Revival, Traditional Lowcountry, Charleston Row, and Raised Beach Style will be considered appropriate.

In order to achieve a low country traditional detailed residence that is designed to reflect the area's historic architectural character, recommended elements of design for the South Island Plantation residential community include, but are not limited to: broad porches, railings, shutter dogs, dormers, chimneys, operable shutters, wood windows with true divided lights, entry doors that are obvious, entry stairs that provide a sense of arrival, copper or metal carriage lanterns, materials that are indigenous to the area, chimney pots and cap detailing of historic character, oversize foundation vents, louvers or wrought iron elements of design that provide a practical yet climatic solution of historical reference.

South Island Plantation ARB Committee


Home Above – Designed by : Goggans Residential Architecture
Built by : Paragon Custom Construction


Home Above – Designed by : Goggans Residential Architecture
Built by : Paragon Custom Construction