Board Meetings

To get a particular item or concern on the agenda you must email the board requesting that your topic be heard and it must be sent no less than 3 days in advance of the meeting. Please be as detailed as possible. This will allow us to look into an issue if needed. Email your information to any of the board members or Community Management and please include your name, lot number and phone number. We will then let you know by email if we are able to accommodate your request. Minutes of each meeting are posted within 30 days for all owners to review.

The SIP Board has voted to close Board Meetings. The Board will reserve the right to open Board Meetings to the members in the future.

Upcoming Board Meeting

July 14, 2020 at 10am  – Virtual Meeting



– Candidate Bio –

I appreciate the opportunity to serve the South Island HOA and would like to continue serving for another two years. In my recent years of service, I have personally been involved with various improvement projects like altering the dock permit, camera installation in the clubhouse, road repairs, and finding the best value solution for new street signs. As manager of Dowling Homes and owner of the most lots in South Island, I am very interested in our neighborhood being successful and striving in the future. I will continue to pursue good things for South Island. 
Teddy Dowling